Flash Animation and Digital Web Comics is the home of some of the most popular and passed around content on the Internet. Below is a list of our current projects and commisions.

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Domestic Abuse
by Jeremy Lambros

A daily single panel gag cartoon about various foodstuff and kitchen utensils in personal crisis or on the verge of horrible realization. Online since September 2002, the site also features a complete archive of prvious days cartoons as well as merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Flash Cartoons

Viral flash content produced for InterMix Media in Los Angeles. Cartoons vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The flash cartoons feature original character-based, holiday specific and song parody cartoons.

Flash Screensavers

Short repeating animated screensavers produced for and Most of the screensavers are based on either current events or celebrities with emphasis on the humorous and tasteless.

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